Now Available!  For both Maryland and Pennsylvania residents!

16 Hr Maryland Conceal and Carry Permit Instruction and 4Hr Utah Permit Instruction

Maryland Wear and Carry Permit

Maryland Wear and Carry Permit Instruction is a total of 16 hours taught over two 8 Hour sessions (Day A / Day B) 9am-5pm. Day A is classroom only and Day B is both classroom and range qualification. Both days must be completed to submit the application to the State of Maryland. Course of fire qualification MUST be completed with a centerfire handgun (Rimfire is NOT allowed).  Persons exempt from Maryland Wear and Carry Permit training are listed below the Utah Permit information.

Freedom Armory course fees:  Each 8 hour session,(10AM- 6PM)* fee is $200.00 plus tax ($212.00).  Combined fees for both Day A and Day B equal $400.00 plus tax ($424.00).

Current Fees paid to the State of Maryland:  Original/Initial- $75.00.  Good for between 2-3 years, based on birthdate.  Fingerprint fees not included.  Freedom Armory is currently coordinating with a Maryland Fingerprint Vendor to complete fingerprinting on site during the scheduled sessions.  Additional locations to complete fingerprinting will also be provided during the course. For more details related to this permit, please see Maryland Wear and CarryAs of October 1, 2023 fees will increase to $125.00

Current Course Dates:

TBD :  Day A – Saturday, * / Day B – Sunday,  10AM – 6PM each day

*Start time 9AM if completing 4 Hour Utah Permit on this date

Additional dates may be coordinated for groups of ten or more.  Please phone Freedom Armory (717) 227-9060 to discuss date availability.

Utah Carry Permit

The Utah Carry Permit consists of 4 Hours classroom instruction and is completed on Day A of the Maryland Wear and Carry sessions 9AM-1PM.  Advantages of a Utah Carry Permit when also possessing a MD Wear & Carry Permit:  The Utah Carry Permit is the least expensive and easiest process to be able to legally carry in Delaware. With both a valid MD Wear and Carry Permit and a Utah permit, permit holder is able to carry while passing through Delaware to get to the MD shore and allows permit holder to carry when entering Delaware from Ocean City, MD.

Freedom Armory 4Hour Utah Permit instruction fee:  $150 plus tax ($159.00) if attended independent of the 16 Hr. MD Wear and Carry Course  OR $100.00 plus tax ($106.00) when completed w/ the 16 Hr. MD Wear and Carry Course.  Fingerprinting and photo for the Utah Permit may be completed at Freedom Armory on the course date for the additional fee of $35.00 plus tax ($37.10).

Fees paid to the State of Utah:  Utah Permit- Non-Resident:  $63.25 (good for 5 years).  Please review the Utah BCI Site  for details on the Utah Permit.

Current Course Dates:  TBD: Saturday, .  Start Time 9AM.

Phone Freedom Armory (717) 227-9060 for availability or complete reservation in store M-F 11am-7pm/ Sat 10am-6pm/ Sun 12N-6pm.

Persons  Exempt from Maryland Wear and Carry Training – DO NOT ENROLL:

  • Any state law enforcement officer employed with a law enforcement agency of the United States, the State or any local law enforcement agency in the state.
  • Any retired law enforcement officer with a law enforcement agency of the United States, the State or any local law enforcement agency in the state.
  • Any active, retired, or honorably discharged member of the armed forces of the United States or the National Guard.
  • Any Qualified Handgun Instructor registered with the Maryland State Police.

Course Guidelines

Persons 13 years and older may participate in classes but must be accompanied by a guardian. Both the minor and the guardian must purchase separate class tickets. Persons 18 years and older may attend classes without a guardian. All person must show valid ID before entering the range.   ALL ammunition used in rental firearms MUST be purchased from Freedom Armory and, if under age 21, any remaining handgun ammunition may not leave the premises.

Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will NOT be allowed on the range. Freedom Armory reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. If you would provide the answer of “YES” to any of the below questions you are strictly forbidden to enter the range premises.

Have you ever been adjudicated as mentally defective, been committed to a mental institution, or have a history of mental illness or severe depression? 

Have you ever been advised by a physician or health care provider to avoid operation/use of a firearm for health reasons?

Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana, any depressant, stimulant or narcotic drug, or any controlled or illegal substance?

Have you ever been convicted of a felony, a domestic abuse misdemeanor, or more than three DUI’s in a five-year period?

If renting a Freedom Armory Rental Firearm, I certify that I have been shown the proper and safe operation of the firearm for myself and my executors and assign release to Freedom Outdoors & Armory LLC and its related companies, owners, executives and employees from all liability for personal injury or property damage arising out of use of the facility and/or its equipment or firearms, or any firearm in my possession, and I agree to hold harmless Freedom Outdoors & Armory LLC and its related companies, owners, executives and employees and indemnify them from responsibility for any claims or demands arising out of such use. I agree to pay for any legal fees for Freedom Outdoors & Armory LLC and its related companies, owners, executives and employees that stem from the result of my actions.

I agree to be held financially responsible for any damage or destruction to the range and/or range equipment. I also agree to be held financially responsible for all claims or demands by any third-party individuals who are harmed due to my use of any firearm or my actions while on the range.

I have read, understand and agree to abide by all written Freedom Armory Range Safety Rules.

If purchasing a gun rental online, I certify I will comply with this agreement before entering the range or taking possession of a firearm.

Course Cancelation Policy

Classes may be purchased without scheduling class dates. All prepaid classes will remain on the customer’s accounts for 3 years before expiring. After expiration, no refunds will be provided.

Cancellation or rescheduling of a course reservation MUST occur at least TWO WEEKS BEFORE the reserved course date for a refund of the course fee. If notification is received less than two weeks before the course reservation, the full course fee is forfeited regardless of reason.

To ensure notification is received, please contact Freedom Armory by phone, at 717.227.9060 and email

Freedom Armory attempts to never cancel a course but situations may arise with instructor schedules beyond our control. Any cancelations initiated by Freedom Armory will entitle the customer to a full refund or provide reschedule options.