Advanced Pistol 1 (intensive 2-day course)

Complete the 7 two hour independent modules in this intensive 8 hour program spanning 2 consecutive weekdays.

Course Reschedule/Cancellation Policy

Cancellation or Reschedule of a course reservation MUST occur at least ONE WEEK BEFORE the reserved course date for a refund of the course fee.  If notification is received less than one week before the course reservation, the full course fee is forfeited regardless of reason.

I acknowledge and agree that forfeiture of course payment will occur even if cancellation/reschedule is necessary due to a communicable illness, death of a family member, or other emergency situation, and I will not endanger other participants, Freedom Armory Instructors, or staff by attempting to attend the course if ill.


To ensure notification is received, please contact Freedom Armory by phone, 717.227.9060 AND by email, .  The date and time of the notification will be considered the date and time of cancellation or reschedule.  If payment included a firearm rental, the rental fee would be refunded.  Payment for ammunition purchased for use in a course would be refunded ONLY if the ammunition remained in Freedom Armory’s possession.

Freedom Armory may cancel a course at any time and would provide participants the opportunity to reschedule on a date provided by Freedom Armory that is suitable to their schedule without loss of payment or provide a refund of their course payment as described above.

The Freedom Armory Cancellation/ Reschedule policy will be signed at the time of the course reservation, and a copy provided with your receipt noting the reserved course date and the date by which Freedom Armory MUST be notified in order to receive a refund of the course payment should cancellation or reschedule be necessary. Course reservation(s) will be completed in facility ONLY. Be prepared to provide a photo ID such as a state driver’s license or state ID. Allow time in facility to select course date and time, complete the Cancellation/Reschedule policy, the Range Waiver, and select a firearm rental, if needed for each participant. Approximately 20-30 minutes should be allotted without a firearm rental and 30-45 minutes with selection of a firearm rental.