Fundamentals of Shooting Revisited; A 2 hour component of our Advanced Pistol 1 Course

Join instructor Chuck Belz in this two hour session that aims to significantly improve the shooter’s ability to fire a handgun accurately. The purpose of shooting is hitting the target!

The chance of hitting the target accurately becomes greatly increased when the shooter is proficient with the principles covered in this course.

Course Cancellation Policy

** Please note that cancellation of a course reservation must occur at least 1 week prior to the reserved class date for a refund of the reservation deposit.

If notice of cancellation or reschedule is not received at least one week prior to the reserved course date, the course deposit is forfeited. If the deposit was made using a credit card “hold’, the deposit fee plus tax and a credit card use fee of 3% would be charged should the reserved course not be attended for any reason. If the course fee was paid in full, the remainder of the payment would be refunded or could be applied to a future course date.

Freedom Armory may cancel a course at any time and would provide participants the opportunity to reschedule on a date provided by Freedom Armory that is suitable to their schedule.